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Sahara Cole

Cosplayer with CosAwesome Studios

"I am a relative newby in the cosplay world. I became a part of CosAwesome after a chance meeting at Indianapolis ComicCon 2015 with the company founder. It was my first time in a costume, with an original character based on the Mad Max universe using things found at Goodwill, and ever since I've been in love with finding new characters to represent. It was the sense of fun and community that really drew me into cosplay, and I am so thankful to the CosAwesome team for making me feel welcome and helping me to improve my skills and expand opportunities. Through CosAwesome I have met fantastic people and had the chance to do much more than I could have otherwise.


My favorite kinds of costumes are anything "gritty", as my love for adding dirt and weathering to everything is well known. But the chance to branch out and do characters that are far from my everyday personality are part of the whole joy of cosplay as performance. When else do I have the choice to be a bubbly anime bride or a sultry femme fatale for a day?"

Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Borderlands' Mordecai genderswap cosplay
Facebook - Mad Max classic style
Facebook - Borderlands' Mordecai genderswap cosplay
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