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It all started with awesome people in costume...

The first Annual Super Hero Party in 2007 was the beginning. When the now founder of CosAwesome, James T. Wulfgar, threw the costume party on a whim, none of us really knew what cosplay was or just how it would change our lives.


Eight years later we are still having fun in costume, but cosplay has become a permanent part of our lives. We still continue the Annual Super Hero Party tradition, but now our community has expanded to be a part of conventions, charity 

events, costume contests, photo shoots and more. CosAwesome Studios has grown expenentially since its start and now includes members nationwide.


The CosAwesome family encourages budding cosplayers, prop and costume builders, cosplay photographers, and anyone who likes good geeky fun!


Contact Us!

CosAwesome Studios

Need costumers for an event, opening, or advertisement? Have a costume piece or prop you would like commissioned? We'd love to hear from you! 



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“CosAwesome is a group of costume designers, models, cosplayers, and photographers whose mission is to spread the awesomeness that is costume art."

– CosAwesome Founder James Wulfgar

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