Fearless leader of the group and CEO of CosAwesome Studios Inc, James has been involved seriously with costume art for the past decade but has always enjoyed Halloween and making costumes.  He has a masters degree in leadership and enjoys all aspects of CosAwesome - the business side, hosting events, building props and costumes, and performing in costume / cosplaying.   

He is best known for making props and armor, normally by "kit-bashing" his big guns (See his Cable costumes) and fabricating using foam and plastic. Wulfgar is a team player, constantly looking to improve not only his costumes, but the costumes of his friends. He is always looking for the perfect costume piece/part or figuring out how to fabricate it in his workshop.

James T. Wulfgar


Founder of CosAwesome Studios

Founder of Wulfgar Weapons & Props

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James enjoys going to cons, charity events, photo shoots and costume parties... and loves going to the local Denny's or family diner afterwards, in costume of course.  

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