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Costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore.


Thought dressing up was just for kids? We want to prove that cosplay can be much, much more than that! CosAwesome members are active all year to share what we love about our community of costume artists - comradery, craft, and the bond that connects human beings to characters they enjoy. 

2023 CosAwesome Convention and Event Schedule

Indiana Comic Con
Pop Con Lousiville

PopCon Indy

Dragon Con
Cincinnati Comic Expo
Project CosAwesome - PCA 7 



CosAwesome Studios has already made their presence known at many conventions in the Midwest. You may see us set up at a booth, offering professional photographs for those who come in costume, selling prop weapons, and spreading the word of what we do. Members of CosAwesome have also judged costume contests and hosted cosplay-related panels. And we love hanging out with our fellow convention-goers! Photos from recent conventions can be found on our facebook page and flickr account


Parties and Events


CosAwesome Studios participates in numerous events yearround and is also partnered with Costumers With A Cause, a group that does costumed events to benefit charity or someone in need.  Paid gigs also support our costume artists to continue doing what they enjoy, as making and wearing costume pieces is a labor of love! Past examples of events include: Comic Store day, charity walks, children's parties, fundraisers, and more! Advance notice is needed for most event requests as we cannot attend every event we are invited to. Please see our contact page to book yours!

Cosplay Models and Photographers


If a company or group needs a model (or models) to represent them, CosAwesome Studios has a diverse group of members to draw from. We have done local advertisement shoots and videos in the Greater Lafayette area, and are continuing to expand our portfolio as our reach grows. One goal is to  be available to travel and even attend game releases or large-scale events.

CosAwesome also has a group of preferred photographers and videographers and often team up for shoots and projects. See just some of our featured members here

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