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Christopher English

Cosplayer with CosAwesome Studios

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Chris English- also known as Papa Bear- is a sexy, dangerous, mysterious, and overall awesome guy. Chris is a dedicated costumer, committed to the CosAwesome mission of spreading the awesomeness that is cosplay. What began as a small hobby has turned into a passion, and this passion has led him to meeting incredible people, doing incredible things, and being a member of CosAwesome Studios, Costumers with a Cause (Chicago Chapter), and We Are Cosplay among other groups. Chris believes that cosplay is for all ages, skill levels, races, religions and everything in between and no matter which category you fall in you should always be learning, be respectful, be humble, have fun, and above all spread the awesomeness that is cosplay. Along with this website you can follow his cosplay exploits on at, Instagram at @papabearcosplay, papabear at, and

Chris English as The Punisher
Thrall World of Warcraft
Hellboy and Hellgirl Cosplay
Chris English as Hellboy
Chris English as Space Marine
Chris English as Hellboy
Chris English as Medieval Hellboy
Chris English as Beast
Chris English People's Brewery
Chris English
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