Lady Dragon Cosplay

Lisa Anderson-Kleckner

Lisa started making costumes for cosplay in the early part of 2014, but she has been creating for a long time. Even though she started sewing a couple of years ago, she's been making costumes for Halloween and for hair shows out of things lying around the house for many years- the craziest being a dress for an Avante Garde competition at a hair show. The dress was make out of newspaper and chicken wire.


Lisa cosplays as many different characters, but she is best known for her many variations of Harley Quinn. And with each new cosplay that she finishes, ideas for the next one are already in the works. For the GenCon 2015 Costume Contest, Lisa organized a nine-person group and then made seven of the outfits. Going to conventions has lead to making many new friends that share in the love of cosplay and bringing smiles to people's faces!





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