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John Quade

Cosplayer with CosAwesome Studios

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John Quade also known as Johnny Quest cosplay started cosplaying in 2012. It came from the love of making Halloween costumes and truly sparked and turned into cosplaying when he attended his first convention C2e2 in 2013. John does a variety of characters but is most known for not being afraid to create some oversized characters. Johnny Quest is a growing cosplayer in the sense that he is always trying to learn new techniques and better himself as a fabricator and cosplayer. Not only does he love building costumes for himself but also loves giving advice and encouraging out of the box ideas on how others can make their dreams become a reality. John enjoys going to cons,charity events,and any event where he can dress up and portray the character of his choosing. John’s ultimate goal is to in the end bring Cosplayers together even more and to have them enjoy themselves not only through costuming but special events,challenges, and games. After being involved in Cosawesome for some time, he created his own group as well that focuses on hosting events to bring Cosplayers and people together to have fun and do some not so ordinary things. Being a member of Cosawesome studios has become more than just a group and really has become a family that John can lean on if he ever needs anything. So with that being said let the good times keep on coming.

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