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Below are a few of the commissions CosAwesome Studios and Wulfgar Weapons have made in the past, including prop guns, con-safe blades, masks, and full suits of armor! If you would like to order a commission from us, you may fill out a commissions request form with information about the piece(s) desired.  We also do temp tattoo reusable stamps for characters that need large (or small) tattoos every time.


James Wulfgar

CEO / Founder.

James founded Wulfgar Weapons and has a love for big fake guns.  Now the CEO of CosAwesome Studios, he has put together a team of fabricators to make even bigger and badder props for the future.

Fearless leader of CosAwesome Studios and Wulfgar Weapons

Production Director, Lead Prop Builder

Production Director

John Quade

Director of Operations, Convention Director, DJ, Streamer, Promotion Specialist, Leader of Dimps Squad.

Director of Operations

Adam Watney

Wiring Expert, General Contractor Builder, Data Broker, Meme-Lord, Drinker of Cider. 

Wiring Expert

Michael Weber

Fabrication Expert and prop builder

Fabrication Expert

Reid B.

Man of many hats at Wulfgar Weapons

Road Crew

Kyra Wulfgar

Product Photography, Prop Building, Social Media, Administration details

Jack of All Trades

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