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Mathew Turvish

Cosplayer with CosAwesome Studios

  • Wix Facebook page

Mathew began cosplaying in the spring of 2015 as a part of a Mad Max group for Indy Comic Con. What was meant to be a one time event has now turned into a hobby. Mathew is inspired by other CosAwesome costumers and continues to work with his wife Sahara to make bigger and better costumes. Perhaps best known for wearing a stilted-Sandman around the PopCon convention hall, he looks forward to big-rig costumes of future!

Sensei Splinter!
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Group pose with the three Mad Max raiders
Facebook - Who remembers rancor beasts in KotOR? Blasted things.jpg.jpg.jpg
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Facebook - Untitled
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