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Bryan Gomez profile cosplay

Bryan Gomez

Cosplayer with CosAwesome Studios

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Bryan has been cosplaying for close to three years officially. He’s always been a gaming nerd so the cosplay scene naturally pulled him in.  He first cosplayed as Nightrunner at C2E2 in 2013, a costume that posed a lot of problems since he didn’t know how to sew yet.  Since then he has learned how to create costumes more professionally and efficiently. Sewing, painting, posing, sanding, and socializing have all become skills that have developed since learning how to be a cosplayer.  Bryan has learned how to make 

various costume props out different materials such as fabrics, vinyl, denim, and various foams. His favorite prop that he’s made so far is his punk rock Riddler staff. His favorite thing about cosplaying is walking among other cosplayers at conventions and learning how they make the things they make. Bryan’s favorite costume that he has created so far is Classic Hawkeye from the Avengers. He was first introduced to CosAwesome through his boyfriend, Joe Pryde, at a Hero Party in Chicago.

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